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My son donates to Vital Ground. That man does such great work with the Grizzley bears.
Could he not take Smokie to his camp?
I agree with the person who mentioned all the work done by other to save Smokie. Just to have some hunter shot him!!!
Pls. address this to all of us in a answer?



Where is Smokie's igloo?
This area in the webcam isn't his site.
Also, last week there were two bears running and hiding in the webcam.
Please explain....

Robert North

My wife and I are Lil' Smokey Supporters. We fell for him right away. The one thing that has haunted me since the plans were announced to set him free again (which is the right thing to do) is that he will be shot by a hunter. Then all the effort from the firefighter to the release and all the news stories and people following his progress will end in just another wild animals killing. Is there to be a brighter ending to Smokey's story?


How come no update since October 30th?? How come no new answers to frequently asked questions??

Kim K.

Where is Lil Smokey when you're cleaning his cage?

Sheila Joyce Gibbs

Hey wonderful care givers !!!
Is there a time, where Smokey's night lite's are out.....?
As I haven't seen our little babe for about a week now, and miss this priviledge you've blessed us with !!!
Praying his eye will be healed soon too !!


Thanks so much for posting the FAQ section. I have learned so much from it. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with Little Smokey. God Bless all of you at the wild life center.


Where does Smokey go when the cage is being cleaned?


What is the yellow-looking food in the bowl he loves so much? Does he ever eat the fish?


where li'l smokey . his web cam not on ? .


I did learn something! Thanks for the info. God bless little Smokey all of his natural life.


So with that last answer, it seems like the hibernation process is serious, in that they don't wake up for anything? Is Smoke gonna know what hit him when wakes up and he's back where he belongs? I hope he'll be ok!

Mimi Routh

Wow! God bless! If only we had public childcare with webcams, the moms could check in while they're at work! Wouldn't that be interesting!

[Sorry, Big Smoke, no money until my next check! Sent ALL the spare change to Obama!]

Linda Dobbs

Thank you for the information that you are providing on this FAQ page. Lil Smokey looks as if he is doing well and hopefully will be released back into the wild. Will you install an electronic tracking device to keep updated on Lil Smokey when he is released back into the wilderness? Have Lil Smokey's paws been fully healed? I am glad that Lil Smokey is now in a larger environment; it sure looks nice with the mat and pool areas. You guys at LTWC do an excellent job and should win a State of California award.

Joanne in Redding

There is a web-cam up now (11AM) it that Smokey or another cub--it looks smaller?


Will smokey be electronicly tagged before he is released to keep track of him?


Ah, that explains a lot. How old are the other 6 cubs? Would he be likely to hurt one if they are put in the larger cage with him?


Ah, that explains a lot. How old are the other 6 cubs? Would he be likely to hurt one if they are put in the larger cage with him?

Jana Everitt

You are ALL to be commended for your EXCELLENT CARE of Smokey. It is wonderful to know he is doing so well and will eventually be set free to live life on his own.

Thank you for letting us enjoy his moments on his webcam.



I just realized you have a this FAQ page. It covered all my questions! Thanks so much! I have learned a lot from your answers, and from observing Smokey. You are doing a great job!

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