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May 17, 2010


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Kat, NC

Bella works Lencho, but I hate linking her with a vampire movie ;) Bella in Italian means pretty I believe, so we'll have to think of her in that vein! heehee

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

Hi Sheryl -- she's already on Facebook! Please search for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care on Facebook to get updates. Thanks!

sheryl keller

she is so cute. glad that she is doing real good,please put her on facebook,so every one can read about her and her story.u are doing a wounderful job with her glad to see that she is playing.



Kat, NC

I think "Precious" seems to be her name ;)

jamie - lodi

Awww...poor girl BUT if she can't be with mer momma, she's at the next best place to learn a thing or 2 about being a bear. SO precious!

Lori Wick

She is so adorable!!!

Mary F. Richardson

beautiful little girl. so glad she was saved and is in a place were she will be well care for until her release



The little one is such a blessing. Her mama in heaven is watching over her. So little so young...bebe


So sweet.

Wendy Jones

Awww so precious. What happened to her Mommy? Poor lil' thing. I'm so glad she was brought to this wonderful place to be able to grow up until her release. Can't wait to see her on the web cam playing. How old is she? I've never seen such a lil' bear cub. You should post her story on here or Facebook.

Laurie - Antioch

Oh here we go precious is that??

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