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June 17, 2009


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ewwww, what sharp claws you have lil otter....

Denise Brown

All these new babies are so cute...I sure wish I lived in the tahoe area so I could be there to volunteer.


Enjoyed all the pictures so much. I don't know how you are able to provide for all these sweet little critters.

Kat from NC

Smelly or not, I think I'd like to have the coyote pups and the river otter -- think they could make do in a tiny apartment lol?

Thanks again for the pics!


Karen - thanks for all the great pics. You guys at LTWC are absolutely awesome.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

So glad you are all enjoying the photos!

It's been quite a full house here at LTWC so far this year -- we've also had Great Horned Owls, Chipmunks, Raccoons and a bunch of other birds already. I can inform you that the Coyote pups are absolutely adorable...but also very, VERY smelly, especially when they're kept in small quarters (they're much easier on the nose now that they're in a larger, outdoor pen).

We'll hopefully post more pics soon!


thanks so much for the photos!

Linda - Sierra Foothills

These babies are all so very cute! Thank you, Karen for getting the pictures up for us. LTWC still amazes me that they can do so much for these critters.

sharon from sacramento

all of the babies are just too precious,,,
but i am favoring the fox pups,,,, that eagle is beautiful....

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