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June 07, 2009


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Bobby Dean, Sacramento, CA

awww, new babies to watch over. How cool is that.

Kat in NC

Poor babies, they look sad and scared! So glad they are in such a good place where they can heal, recover and grow. Thanks for the pics Karen :)

sharon from sacramento

thank you karen for putting these pics up,,,
glad they found each other,,,, humm a 4 pack,,
sounds like fun for them !!!!

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

I'm happy to do it Linda! I just wish the photos had come out a little better, but it was a pretty dark and dreary day here yesterday (plus, I was trying to just snap the pics and get the heck outta there so the cubs could have some peace!).

I'm sure we'll have some news on how they're doing in the next couple of days; in the meantime, I imagine that they're happy to have had some good food and rest.

Denise Brown

oooooh!!!!Poor little guys...I'm sure they were very happy to see each other. They are in the best hands now!!! Thanks for the pictures.

Linda - Sierra Foothills

Hi Karen, Many thank yous for taking and posting the pictures. Thank you for letting us know they had not found each other when these pictures were taken. I am guessing they were much happier then.

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