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May 31, 2009


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Just found out we had new "babies" to watch so this is my first look. Had to laugh at the one picture of Tom Looks like he's got his hands wrapped around the littles guys (girls) throat!!
Still miss my Lil Smokey but these will do for now LOL Take care all. And thanks LTWC for taking care of earths little creatures.

Vicki E - Tucson, AZ

How adorable! Thanks Tom and Cheryl for sharing with us. It is such a shame to hear about MOM, but at least the 'kids' will be in good hands! By the looks of it, you are going to have your hands full - they are cute and QUICK (and pretty good sized too!)!!

Laurie P - Antioch

ah..great pictures of these two little girls!!

sharon from sacramento

oh wow,, these 2 girls are so very lucky to be in the care of Dr. Willits and all of you at LTWC.


Tom certainly brave....shorts and short sleeve t-shirt. Them claws are sharp

The cubs certainly have made their new digs their home.

Dee from Woodland, CA

Thanks for posting these pictures. Ouch my ears hurt! Poor things!

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