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March 14, 2009


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I was hoping for a Whimsical Moringing Hillside with Green Day performing Next to a Dusky Bear Cub In His Nightshirt Blog design...

Karen V. Stefanini

I chose Mountainscapes Morning because of the bird. Other than the bird, I preferred the Day version as it is a better design and not cluttered the way the Morning design is with the rays of the sun and the Day version is easier on the eye. I love both butterflies and birds, and Morning got my vote only because of the bird.

Denise Brown

Mountainscapes morning :)

Linda, Redding, CA.

Oops! Guess I voted twice! lol ♥

Linda, Redding, CA.

Mountainscape Morning ♥

Linda, Redding, CA.

Mountainscape Morning ♥


I vote for the Whimsical Night. It is unusual but quite unique from other websites and truly beautiful.

Sandi Hansen

Hills Dusk is my choice. It looks the most natural.
Thanks for allowing a choice!


Mountainscape Day


I like the Hills Green design.

Karen V. Stefanini

Mountainscape Morning

eliza frm: sacto


Dee from Woodland, CA

I vote for Mountainscape Morning.

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