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February 07, 2009


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gina garibaldi

I just saw this video and cried tears of complete joy for the release of Lil' Smokey. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the LTWC for your care and love for this beautiful bear. Mostly, a huge "thank you" to firefighter Adam Deem, because without his heroic efforts we all would have never fallen in love with Lil' Smokey and he would have never been saved. Be free Lil' Smokey and I wish you a long, happy rest of your life.


This is a beautiful, heartwarming end to a wonderful story. I love the photos, the comments, the community support, and all the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers. YOU saved Little Smokey. YOU gave him a second chance in life. We all thank YOU for this gift.


thank you for sharing all of the videos and pictures with us. I loved seeing Li'l Smokey sleeping in this new home through my teary eyes. But I couldn't help but laugh when I got to hear him snore. My husband was even amazed.

I will be posting a donation this week. Thank you again.



Angels on earth wearing teeshirts and jeans,
caring for animals usually not seen.
Knowing to love them but teach them to fear,
The men caring for them, staying so near.

We honor these people, dear Tom and the vets,
the volunteer staff and all of the rest.
Know that with Smokey in our hearts you dwell,
As our families and friends the story we tell.

Of a bear saved from death by a fireman,
And cared for by many,and loved by his fans.
And our hope is donations continue to flow,
To the center showing such love and such hope.

Thank you LTWC for sharing Lil Smokey with us. May he and all of you have long happy, healthy prosperous lives!

Kat from NC

Bobbie D - Central Valley CA

The photo of Tom and Adam shows all the love for our chubby cubby in their eyes and how happy they are that Lil Smokey is home and minutes away from complete freedom.........

Linda - Sierra Foothills

I love these pictures. They are great enough to frame for you and Adam.

The one is the only one I have seen of the two of you together, doing what you do. Very special!

The den is great. Even if someone saw it, which is not likely, they would walk on by while concentrating on where they place their feet.

I am really glad there is a layer of hay under the branches and at the door.

denise brown

ooooh more tears. I love the picture of you two together with your boy. How proud you guys must be to successfuly be able to release him back ,when the odds were stacked against him. You and everyone involved in the reabilation of this little have done a wonderful job.

sharon from sacramento

thanks for sharing your pictures....

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